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1. Tell me a little bit about your background. What drew you to music?

I started singing as a little girl with my mother’s family group. I’m from a family of singers. So I was born with no choice, but to sing. While my mother was pregnant with me, she dreamed of a little fat yellow bird singing and decided to name me Angela. The fat yellow bird fits my description!

2. Who are some of your influences?

Clark Sisters, Andre’ Crouch, Shirley Caesar, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, my sisters... Joan and Diana.

3. Has your work as a studio background singer impacted the music you sing?

Absolutely it has, as I have learned to love all styles of music. I’ve become flexible with music styles to be able to meet the requirements and needs of producers. It’s been awesome learning!

4. You are releasing 2 full projects at one time. How did you choose the songs for your new project, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?

With help of friends and the need for music for the Gaither Christmas tour. It all came together.

5. How did you choose the songs for your new project, In Good Hands?

I’ve been jotting down songs for a year, as the Lord impressed upon my heart what I should sing and minister.

6. Your CDs are in a style similar to classic artists like Mahalia Jackson. What made you go in that direction?

Again, the need creates the demand. I grew up on traditional gospel music, and I love it. Now the Lord has opened doors leading to people who love what I love and I’m able, by His grace, to present it.

7. What do you hope people who purchase your CD take away from listening to it?

Encouragement and Love! I want them to know that God is able to do all that they hear and feel the Love while listening!

8. How has God used music to minister to you personally?

Music pounds into my busy head a message that is profound and life-changing. I listen for the Lord’s messages while meditating and rejoicing!

9. What are some things God is teaching you now?

That He is in control. That I am indeed In Good Hands!!!


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