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Angela Primm is one of the premier voices of our time. Her musical history spans genres, continents, and audiences. She has commanded the attention of mega-stars from Aretha Franklin, Barbara Mandrell, Dolly Parton, and Brooks and Dunn to Southern Gospel music legends, as the late Vestal Goodman. Angela’s background is what dreams are made of, and she is only beginning to step into the fullness of her purpose.

Singing behind musical geniuses, Andre Crouch, Patti Austin, Bill Gaither, Rascal Flatts and others, her four-octave soprano voice added rich tones and depth of sound to each artist’s recording. Angela Primm whose gift of song, love of the Gospel and Gospel music has catapulted her, as the Bible says, “before great men.” Her current and inevitable step as solo artist is the natural progression of a life divinely designed.

Angie is also a wife and business woman. True to her down-to-earth personality, she considers her most important achievement to be marrying her soul mate, John Primm. A successful business man as well as fine vocalist himself, he is Angie’s biggest fan, chauffeuring her and caring for her on many of her personal appearances. He knew how to love her 24 years ago and continues to do so to this day. For fourteen years, Angie and John established “Still Waters, Christian Light Club, Inc.,” which was a live Christian cabaret that never compromised the Gospel. It was a fun time for the Saints and a huge hit in Nashville, TN.

Angela was raised in the church by her precious mother, who was also a singer. Angie’s mom would sing the foot-stompin’ and joyful, “Couldn’t Keep It To Myself!” with such fervor, she would often lose her wig; but she would swoop it up and place it back on her head — backwards, and not miss one beat of her favorite song! Church members would laugh and shout right along with her! (Telling this particular memory of her mother makes Angie rear back in laughter herself!)

“Couldn’t Keep It To Myself!” is also a favorite song of Gospel legend, Bill Gaither and is featured on Angela Primm’s sophomore project, Sanctuary. This CD along with her debut CD, A Little Bit of Heaven have been selling out wherever Angie performs — from concerts to cruises. Bill and Gloria Gaither have embraced her as a daughter and always make room for her to sing in their sold-out concerts and Gaither videos. With her latest CD entitled Spirituals: Songs of Mahalia Jackson, Angela renders tribute to one of her mentors while teaching the history behind the sound everyone loves, Black Gospel music.

Angie’s beautifully wide smile lights up a room and her fun-filled disposition carry an exuberance that is electric and contagious! Moreover, her anointed and powerful voice makes the cares of this world melt into puddles at your feet. Angela Primm is “a little bit of heaven” to those blessed to know her, or experience her music, her joy, and her wonderful laugh!

What lies ahead for Angela Primm? Her future rests securely in God’s hands. But one thing we know for sure is that wherever Angie goes, and whatever Angie does, she will be giving her heart and soul to the people God loves, for the love of her Lord. That’s the way it was, the way it is, and the way it always will be.


Executive Administrator

Organization is key to running an efficient ministry or church. One of Angela Primm’s spiritual giftings is administration. Angela will meet with you to assess your needs and work within your parameters to bring structure and cohesion to your church office. If you don’t know what you need, not to worry, Angela will help you define your needs as well as provide viable solutions.

She has assisted pastors and ministerial officers, in new and established churches, organize their offices. Angela has worked in church administration since 1987, so she knows how to create an easy and workable computer and hard copy filing system, that is easy to adapt by employees of your ministry or church. As a designer, Angela is also well able to decorate your office space to become the welcome haven it should be to your members and visitors.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, Angela will create formulas specific to your office demands. Competent and professional, Angela Primm will bless your office with a quiet calm as your space becomes completely organized.

Rates are reasonable, please call or contact Angela Primm Ministries at:


Praise and Worship Workshop Facilitator

As a true worshipper herself as well as praise and worship leader, Angela Primm knows what it takes to enter into the holy of holies - a clean heart and open spirit. She understands the “Martha syndrome” in praise and worship leaders and gently guides servants of God into a place of communion with the Lord that is personally transforming. The exciting part about Angela’s worship ability is that she can teach the nuances necessary for leaders to bring their congregations into the sweet presence of the Lord.

Angela knows how to deposit the anointing that rekindles passion for God as she ignites a holy fire in worship leaders. She explains the importance of unity and forgiveness as an imperative road to holy worship. She will leave your worship and praise leaders with fresh oil that will empower them to draw your congregation and prepare them to receive the delivered Word.


Creative Arts Director

It is said that dramatic interpretations bring a new and voluminous understanding of the spoken word. As Creative Arts Director, Angela has proven success writing, directing, as well as design and execution of costumes for productions in churches. She has a staff of Christian creative personnel she draws from to accomplish any theatrical goal. At your instruction, Angela can develop a concept for you or present and stage your vision. Angela’s team includes professional actors, set designers and builders, ministry choreographers, dancers, and singers.

Angela has worked in several churches alongside worship arts coordinators to understand their vision and then fully producing and presenting it for their congregation. Easter, Christmas, pastor’s anniversary, men or women’s conferences, singles ministry or youth program will be greatly enhanced as vision becomes reality on the platform. Contact Angela for more information. Your church will truly enjoy each experience.


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